30 Jun 202313:19
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Crypto Events Recap, June 29-30

Crypto Events Recap, June 29-30

Deployed on Polygon zkEVM network in line with broader plans to expand its user base. This launch will provide lower fees and faster transactions for users transacting on the zkEVM network.

Sam Altman's Worldcoin has launched sign-ups for its World ID in Germany and has brought its "Sign in with Worldcoin" tool to Okta's Auth0, one of the world's largest authentication and authorization platforms.

Announced two exclusive airdrop campaigns for Bybit users with a total of $200,000 prize pool.

Cardinal Protocol
Winding down operations due to economic conditions, nearly a year after raising $4.4M to improve NFTs utility.

To release a blockchain game Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles jointly with Ubisoft.

Nakamoto Games
Released CYBERPOKER2099 on Nakamoto Games platform optimized for a fully digital, blockchain-based experience.

Sui Network
Six Clovers has announced the launch of the Versal Network, a SWIFT-like cross-border payments network, on the Sui blockchain.

Polygon Labs
Disclosed its plans to unify new L2 zero-knowledge chains, using new staking and interoperability layers as part of Polygon 2.0.

Magic Eden
Announced a partnership with Helio Pay to launch of a multi-chain presale platform for creators.

German regulators rejected Binance's application for a license, and the exchange is banned from advertising in Germany.