27 Jun 202215:57
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Crypto events recap, June 25-27

Crypto events recap, June 25-27

Goldman Sachs Seeking to raise $2B from investors to potentially purchase assets from Celsius. (source)

FlowdeskRaised $30M in a Series A funding round backed by Coinbase and Ledger. (source)

REI Network Introduced the FreeStake Module with Hard Fork Upgrade. (source)

XCarnivalHacked for $3.8M. Persuaded a hacker to return $1.9M. (source)

Metarun Released Metarun Closed Beta Guide. (source)

FTX Token DAO Raised $7M which will be converted into an ecosystem fund. (source)

MetaLaunched Meta Pay, a metaverse dedicated digital wallet. (source)

Moonstarter Introduced the MoonStarter Community Protection Shield. (source)

MonkeyLeagueLaunched MBS Staking with 5M in total MBS Rewards. (source)

AlbaniaAnnounced its plans to begin taxing crypto-derived income next year. (source)