24 Jun 202213:07
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Crypto events recap, June 23-24

Crypto events recap, June 23-24

Ledger Launches the NFT marketplace and service platform for enterprises. (source)

dYdX Expanding to its own Cosmos-based blockchain. (source)

Binance NFTAnnounced a multi-year NFT partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo. (source)

Harmony Harmony’s Horizon cross-chain bridge has been exploited for $100M. (source)

Coinbase Chrono.tech (TIME), DEXTools (DEXT), Drep (DREP), Jupiter (JUP), and Muse (MUSE) listing. (source)

Virtua Metaverse platform Terra Virtua rebrands as Virtua, as it prepares to launch its virtual universe. (source)

Solana Labs Announced the launch of a new subsidiary aimed to launch a new Web3-focused Android mobile phone. (source)

Axie Infinity Announced that Ronin sidechain bridge will be reopened next week. (source)

Cryptoys Closed a $23M Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz. (source)

GameFiLaunches its game hub, a steam-like platform to bring together all games and gamified projects. (source)

NHL To release its NFT collection in collaboration with the Sweet platform. (source)

CoinListIntroduced the CoinList Seed Summer 2022 Batch. (source)

xHashtagReceived a grant from GateChain to introduce Web3 Identities using On-chain Credentials. (source)

MoonscapeLaunched early access Phase 2 that will last for 60 days. (source)

BentleyLaunches its own limited Genesis NFT Collection. (source)

MetarunAnnounced the launch of the Metarun game on the 5th of July. (source)

BinanceLaunched Binance Institutional, a new flagship platform for VIP and institutional users. (source)

Red KiteReleased IDO Refund feature aimed to protect the investors. (source)