21 Jun 202413:59
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Crypto Events Recap, June 20-21

Crypto Events Recap, June 20-21


The Eigen Foundation has initiated claims for the second phase of its first season stakedrop eligible for users who had restaked LRT before the March 15 snapshot.


The Ethereum Layer 2 BLAST has announced its plans to roll out a token airdrop for users on June 26. BLAST will allocate 50% of airdrop to developers through Blast Gold.


Ethereum L2 Arbitrum saw daily revenue soar to a record $3.4M (in ETH) benefiting from increased activity related to the opening of LayerZero token claims.

Jump Crypto

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is investigating trading firm Jump’s involvement in crypto, including inquiries into its trading and investment activity.


A tokenization platform backed by Coinbase Ventures launched a new yield-bearing token called mBASIS that currently offers around 12% yield.


Canadian asset manager 3iQ announced it has filed a prospectus with Ontario Securities Commission to list a Solana ETP on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).


Introduced 2024 Roadmap, including basis trading features, structure products, liquidity features, and insurance & mitigation fund.


Announced a partnership with Polygon to inject new projects into the COOKIE ecosystem by integrating an AI Data Layer across selected Polygon-based projects.

APEX Launch

Rolled out its social-based launchpad. Users can now access the APEX Launch, complete tasks, and earn XP points.


Ordered to pay 188.2 million Indian Rupees ($2.25 million) in penalties for violating the Prevention of Money Laundering rules.


Kicked off a $5 million developers grants program that aims to foster the growth of the Mystiko ecosystem.


Unveiled the first Community Auction to occur on CoinList allowing the community to determine the value of ENSO.