20 Jun 202213:30
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Crypto events recap, June 18-20

Crypto events recap, June 18-20

Meta Launched metaverse digital clothing store that will allow users to purchase pieces of clothing for their avatars. (source)

Top 7 for Ukraine Received a Donation from Ankr (ANKR) that helps to provide humanitarian aid and support to Ukrainian defenders. (source)

Voyager Digital Secured $200M and 15,000 BTC loans from Alameda Research to secure a revolving line of credit to safeguard its customers’ assets. (source)

Snoop Dogg Filed NFT and Metaverse-related trademark applications for UNCLE SNOOP and UNCLE SNOOP’s brands. (source)

Crypto Citizen Unveiled details of it's a Rule-and-Earn (R&E) MMO RPG Metaverse game where players race, fight or shoot each other in different game modes. (source)

Origin Protocol Binance has announced the support of the upcoming Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) airdrop for Origin Protocol (OGN) holders. (source)

Ukraine Joins the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). (source)

Metalcore Partnered with Polygon Studios to launch the free-to-play mechanized combat MMO, MetalCore, on the Polygon network. (source)

TerraSouth Korean authorities ban Terra’s main designers from leaving the country. (source)

Bancor Paused impairment loss protection citing ‘hostile’ market conditions. (source)

MonkeyLeague Unveiled that MBS Single-Sided Staking 1.0 will go live on June 27th. (source)

VuelingJoin forces with BitPay to enable clients to pay for airline tickets in crypto starting from 2023. (source)