15 Jun 202214:34
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Crypto events recap, June 14 - June 15

Crypto events recap, June 14 - June 15

NuNetTeamed up with MinswapDEX to launch a double farm that allows liquidity providers to earn both MIN and NTX. (source)

BH NetworkUnveiled BH Agents NFTs and BHero Launchpad. (source)

CoinbaseATA, DAR, FIS, and POND listing on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. (source)

Coinbase GlobalCoinbase Global will layoff around 1,100 employees as part of cost cutting plan. (source)

Sequoia CapitalSequoia has raised $2.85 billion to fund Indian and Southeast Asian startups. (source)

LacosteLaunched a collection of 11,212 NFTs & to launch the Web3 NFT project, UNDW3. (source)

ScienceMagic.StudiosRaised $10M in its pre-seed funding round. (source)

Immutable XEntered into a strategic partnership with TurnerSportsPR. (source)

DarePlayDarePlay has been launched on CronosChain. (source)

AVATA.NetworkAvataswap has been launched. (source)YGGYGG will receive $1.75M as a settlement from Merit Circle. (source)

MILCMILC has presented the second version of its Metaverse. (source)

OpenSeaOpenSea announces migration to Seaport protocol. (source)

TRONTron DAO Reserve adds another 500 million USDC to help USDD stablecoin peg. (source)

NFTPortRaised $26M in its Series A funding round co-led by Atomico & Taavet+Sten. (source)