14 Jun 202411:40
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Crypto Events Recap, June 13-14

Crypto Events Recap, June 13-14


Disclosed its intentions to offer $500M worth of convertible senior notes in a private offering.

Gary Gensler

Told the Senator he envisions ETH Spot ETF S-1’s likely to be approved by the end of the summer.

UwU Lend

The project was hacked this week for $20M+ and offered a $5M bounty to whoever catches the exploiter.


Security has been breached with a couple of users accounts compromised and drained.


Announced the launch of its decentralized cloud compute network on Ethereum mainnet.

Azuro Protocol

Introduces its airdrop criteria and checker with AZUR Snapshot 1 already taken.

rawr. trade

Unveiled the RAWRs Final Rush campaign with a 1,000 USDT reward.


Laid off around 20% of its staff despite being in a solid financial position.

Aether Games

Launched an Awakening Quest Campaign with a $15K prize pool.

KIP Protocol

Teams up with Masa to accelerate the development of the AI economy.


TON token has reached a new all-time high above 8-dollar price.


Announced the Injective Builder House in Brussels on July 10th.