03 Jun 202415:28
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Crypto Events Recap, June 1-3

Crypto Events Recap, June 1-3

Matter Labs

Matter Labs, the company behind the zkSync Ethereum Layer 2 network, has dropped its attempt to trademark the term “ZK” following backlash.


Introduced its latest breakthrough in ZK-proof verification on Bitcoin, a new FRI gadget (Fast Reed-Solomon Interactive Oracle of Proximity).


Announced BNB Chain integration into Credefi Finance Platform to delivering top-notch service on a multi-chain basis, making transfers quick and cost-efficient.


Blockchain interoperability platform Connext is rebranding to Everclear as part of a strategic pivot to create a “clearing layer” for intent-based bridges.


Introduced Ace Arenas Season 2, that goes live on June 4th at 8:00 AM UTC. Total Prize Pool for the 2nd season is 5,800,000 gACE.


Launched the new AI Reverse Image Search feature, that can help users to discover similar NFTs and verify the asset authenticity.


Unveiled an integration with Jupiter Exchange. Users can now trade native $BTC to $SOL with best pricing from and to $SOL.


Secured a $5 million investment from DWF Labs, to lead the next wave of innovation in the meme coins niche.


Announced launch of crypto exchange services and Web3 Wallet in the Netherlands.

Gull Network

Rolled out the Gull VIP NFT that will grant users with memecoin airdrops in the future.


Teased staking on Solana, partnered with Dongo AI, and unveiled new product updates.


Dropped the 8BallNext, its first gaming title to be launched on the App Store and Google Play.