05 Jul 202313:14
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Crypto Events Recap, July 4-5

Crypto Events Recap, July 4-5

Rolled out first phase of its mainnet of its ETH Staking Network, which is divided into 4 phases: Pre-Launch, Limited Launch, Launch and Permissionless Launch. The main goal of Pre-Launch is to ensure all mainnet parameters are correctly configured.

Introduced Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP) offering solution to the current challenges faced by real estate crowdfunding platforms and their investors.

Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission
Bans the use of customer crypto assets for lending & investment and require service providers to offer warnings highlighting risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Threatens a lawsuit against DCG and founder Barry Silbert if they fail to accept the offer to repay a total debt of $1.46 billion

Introduced its Crypto Loans product making a foray into the cryptocurrency loan sector.

Credit Suisse
Launches an NFT collection in partnership with Swiss Football Association to support women’s football.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) searched Binance’s offices as Part of Derivatives Probe.