31 Jul 202313:50
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Crypto Events Recap, July 29-31

Crypto Events Recap, July 29-31

CAKE token stakers are set to earn additional rewards as the decentralized exchange will share trading fee revenue with them.

Obtained an operational licence in Dubai, completing step three of four to be fully regulated in the jurisdiction.

Reported an increase in its excess reserves of $850M, bringing its total excess reserves to ~$3.3B at the end of Q2

MILC Platform
Huobi released the 7th round of the PrimeVote event for multiple projects, including MILC Platform with $100,000 MLT rewards.

The US SEC asked Coinbase to halt trading in all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin prior to suing the exchange

XRP Ledger
Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has partnered with XRP Ledger to launch its first digital collectibles.

Kannagi Finance
zkSync Era has seen its first rug pull in Kannagi Finance, which has disappeared with $2.4 million.

Now supports fiat payments for its digital trading cards, removing the requirement for users to pay in Ethereum (ETH).