29 Jul 202214:28
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Crypto events recap, July 28-29

Crypto events recap, July 28-29

VeeFriends Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends has closed a $50M seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). (source)

KuCoinBecame the first Centralized Exchange to launch NFT ETF to support Blue Chip NFT Investments. (source)

Oasis LabsLaunches a platform to assess fairness in Meta’s products while protecting people’s privacy. (source)

Babel Finance Lost over $280M (around 8,000 BTC and 56,000 ETH) in proprietary trading with customer funds. (source)

Zipmex Filed for bankruptcy in Singapore, granting protection from the continuation or commencement of proceedings by claimants for 30 day. (source)

VariantRaised $450M across two new funds targeting Web3 and DeFi markets ($300M for the opportunity fund and $150M for nascent startup projects). (source)

Arbitrum The Arbitrum Rinkeby migration to Nitro has successfully been completed. (source)

SIDUS Heroes Announced Apartment Sale, core properties inside the SIDUS universe. (source)

NomadRaised $22.4M in seed funding at a $225M valuation led by Polychain. (source)

KattanaJoining Tron’s hackathon to develop and test systems that make Web3 as easy as Web2. (source)

Mercedes Benz Introduced the blockchain-based data sharing platform - Acentrik, based on the pilot presented with Ocean Protocol in 2020. (source)

City of Miami To launch 5,000 Ethereum NFTs in partnership with TIME, Mastercard, and Salesforce. (source)

FTX US Launched commission-free stock trading services to all the customers in the United States. (source)

GhostMarket Released SDK, thanks to which GhostMarket platform can be used as a basis for a number of applications. (source)