27 Jul 202213:11
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Crypto events recap, July 26-27

Crypto events recap, July 26-27

Unstoppable Domains Raised $65M in the Series A funding round was led by Pantera Capital at a $1B valuation. (source)

KuCoinAnnounced the launch of the Anti-FUD Fund to deliver knowledge, including what is FUD and how to distinguish it, etc. (source)

OptimismLaunched Drippie, which allows users to program sets of checks or actions on drips to perform on-chain operations. (source)

Fantom The community passed the vote to divert a third of its burn fees to fund a new vault to support ecosystem projects. (source)

Kraken Under investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department on suspicion it allowed Iranian users to utilize the site's services. (source)

UnicryptAnnounced a partnership with EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance). (source)

Human Protocol Introduced CVAT, a free, open-source annotation tool, branded as an Open Data Annotation Platform. (source)

Topl blockchain Raised $15M in a Series A round co-led Mercury, Republic Asia, and Cryptology Asset Group.. (source)

My Neighbour AliceOpened its official Marketplace, allowing users to list and trade land plots on a peer-to-peer basis. (source)

NYMLaunched NymConnect, a one-click interface to enhance the privacy of apps. (source)

Binance Binance CEO CZ sued Bloomberg Businessweek for defamation in Hong Kong. (source)

CrypCade Will hold an NFT Sale in collaboration with OKX NFT on July 29th, 12:00 PM UTC. (source)

MonkeyLeague Partnered with BAYZ Gaming, the leading Web3 gaming center in Brazil. (source)

Central African RepublicLaunched public sale of Sango Coin with the 200M Sango Coins available for purchase at a price of $0.10. (source)