24 Jul 202313:49
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Crypto Events Recap, July 22-24

Crypto Events Recap, July 22-24

Released its Mainnet, tokenomics, and WLD token. WLD token trading is now live on multiple exchanges.

Hatom Protocol
Surpassed a TVL of over $100M, propelling MultiversX into the ranks of the top 20 blockchains in terms of DeFi TVL.

Parrot Protocol
The team proposed to split the $72M remaining ICO funds among the token holders ($12M) and the team ($60M).

Crypto payments processor hot wallets have been drained for at least $23 million on Ethereum, Tron, and Bitcoin.

Migrated to Google Cloud, leveraging Compute Engine for 24/7 server uptime so that customers can be rewarded every time they shop.

Announced plans to launch support for cross-chain interactions with Snaps protocol by 2024.

Went live on Linea mainnet allowing projects utilizing LayerZero for omnichain messaging to add support for Linea immediately.

Conducted Data NFT distribution. Launched the inaugural Trailblazer competition with 150,000 ITHEUM prize pool.

Elon Musk rebrands Twitter to X, causing several tokens branded ‘X’ to pop up on decentralized exchanges overnight.

Announced that ALL participants of OKX Cryptopedia Season 3 will receive additional rewards claimable at okx.fusionist.io/.

A human-readable blockchain explorer has secured $18.5M in a funding round backed by Coinbase Ventures and others.

Terraform Labs recently appointed CEO, Chris Amani, stated that 9 projects may be released in the near future, but new tokens will not be launched.