20 Jul 202214:56
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Crypto events recap, July 19-20

Crypto events recap, July 19-20

PolygonUnveiled zkEVM, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for ZK-Rollups. (source)

ItheumPartnered with Elrond Apes to empower data ownership through NFTs. (source)

Halborn Secured $90M in a Series A funding round led by Summit Partners. (source)

Human Protocol Launched V2 and introduced the Routing Protocol, a coordination layer for data contribution. (source)

Crypto.com Became the latest exchange to gain approval to operate in Italy. (source)

Sentre Launched Any Arts, a product that helps buy Solana NFT from Magic Eden with stablecoins. (source)

OpenSea Launches the Solana NFT launchpad which will allow creators to host a new mint from beginning to end. (source)

BreederDAO Released its first proposal - DAOstitution, the central document of the BreederDAO governance. (source)

BNP Paribas Partnered with solutions provider Metaco to get in on crypto custody. (source)

OneFootball Partnered with Serie A to bring officially-licensed digital collectibles to football fans. (source)

Ultra Huobi Global has launched UOS spot trading and spot Grid trading. (source)

MetaPartnered with digital fashion startup DressX to launch virtual clothes. (source)