19 Jul 202313:45
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Crypto Events Recap, July 18-19

Crypto Events Recap, July 18-19

Rolled out a cross-chain interoperability protocol, a technology designed to link applications across both public and private blockchains, in the early access phase. CCIP has already been adopted by Synthetix on mainnet to power its cross-chain.

Unveiled its Interchain Token Service (ITS), a product aimed at enhancing the interoperability of ERC-20 tokens across all Ethereum-compatible chains. These tokens will be generated on a 1:1 ratio and managed with the Axelar Virtual Machine.

Onboarded Ubisoft as validator of its blockchain and partnered to collaborate on advancing blockchain technology and use cases in gaming.

Seattle-based crypto startup building a zero-knowledge Virtual Machine, announced the closure of a $40 million Series A round

Nakamoto Games
Presented its Game Developer Dashboard allowing submitting games directly to Nakamoto Games through it.

Unveiled Appchains, a framework that allows developers to create several application-specific blockchains within its ecosystem.

Announced plans to overhaul its governance framework in the Polygon 2.0 roadmap for more decentralized control.

Dropping its plans for a crypto custody service, which was planned to go live in the second quarter of this year.

p0x labs
Secured $25 million in Series A funding led by Polychain Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, bringing its valuation to $500 million.

Launches a bridge on Mainnet and started distributing NFTs to participants of the Voyage quest.