10 Jan 202418:56
Project update
Crypto events recap, January 9-10

Crypto events recap, January 9-10

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Twitter account was compromised to tweet a fake post on the approval of spot bitcoin ETF. The SEC has not approved any ETF yet.


Unveiled 2024 Roadmap with the focus on multi-chain ZK Rollup infrastructure for high-performance DeFi.


Unveiled content streaming in the Web3 e-commerce via dApps, including Shopify partnership and AI personalized product content.

FORE Protocol 

Announced ~900%+ APR through validating prediction markets. Users need to mint an Analyst NFT then validate prediction markets.

X (formerly Twitter)

Removed all mentions of NFT profile pictures from its X Premium support page and appears to be phasing out NFT profile pictures.

Kingdom of Ants

Launched a Buy and Hold competition with up to 135% APY. The ANTC competition will last until February 15th.


Community members are voting on a proposal to reduce the minimum inflation parameter from 7% to 0% to reduce inflation to 0.


To buy back $285M worth of shares in the company from early investors and employees, valuing the company at $11B.