29 Jan 202417:39
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Crypto events recap, January 28-29

Crypto events recap, January 28-29

Layer Zero

LayerZero V2 is live, bringing permissionless, censorship-resistant, and immutable interoperability to 20+ chains.

Orbiter Finance

Unveiled Orbiter Rollup - a ZK-powered omni meta-layer that brings limitless scalability, unified liquidity to the Ethereum mainnet.


Trading volume has increased by ~30% in 24 hours to $550 Million. The volumes leapfrogged Ethereum-based Uniswap's V3.


Completed a $6M seed funding round led by Variant. The team plans to roll out a L1 blockchain that will utilize ZK proofs.

Harvest Fund

A major Chinese asset manager reportedly submitted an application for a spot bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong.


Will add and enable inscription token support for newer token standards Doginals, Atomicals, Stamps, and Runes.


Bitcoin mining firm began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange starting today under the ticker symbol GRDI.

Night Of Dead

Unveiled NOTLD that offers a thrilling standard mode for users, with Mercenary Mode challenge under the staking mechanism.