27 Jan 202315:05
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Crypto Events Recap, January 26-27

Crypto Events Recap, January 26-27

MangoSued Avraham Eisenberg, a trader who drained funds in October, for $47M in damages. (source)

AaveAave Protocol V3 has launched on the Ethereum market. (source)

BithumbThe offices of Bithumb were raided as part of an investigation by South Korean authorities. (source)

dYdXPushed back $156M of token unlocks for investors from February to December. (source)

Spatial LabsRaised $10M in the seed funding round led by Blockchain Capital. (source)

MoonPayAnnounced its partnership with crypto payment service provider BitPay. (source)

Moody’sWorking on a system to score up to 20 stablecoins based on the quality of their reserves. (source)

AmazonAnnounced plans to launch a new initiative using NFTs that could be launched in the spring. (source)

MonkeyLeagueLaunched MonkeyPioneer Holiday Registration Event with 40,000 MBS total rewards. (source)

CoinbaseListed Audius (AUDIO) and Threshold (T) on January 26th, 17:00 UTC. (source)