26 Jan 202414:26
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Crypto Events Recap, January 25-26

Crypto Events Recap, January 25-26


Rolled out its largest tokenomics upgrade, INJ 2.0, transforming transaction fees into a community-driven incentive.

Plume Network

Introduced its team with previous experience in Coinbase, LayerZero, Binance, Galaxy Digital, dYdX, and other category-defining companies

BeFi Labs

Teams up with Unisat to enable its users to store, send, and receive Bitcoins and Ordinals using Unisat wallet.


Introduced BitcoinOS: a superlayer of interoperable rollups which the goal is to create a foundational layer for dapps on Bitcoin.


Announced the expansion of its ecosystem to Ethereum and deployment of GRAPE token on ETH via LayerZero.


Announced its rebranding to DODAS — Discovery of Digital Assets representing a shift in its paradigm.


A protocol for historical Ethereum data raised $20M in a Series A funding round co-led by Paradigm and Standard Crypto.

Orderly Network

Announced the integration with Celestia enabling it to build more advanced and cost-effective products.

Nakamoto Games

Introduced Play2Invest initiative which allows users to get private sale access to projects through gaming.


Unveiled the small preview of its Metaverse in preparation for its upcoming Beta Release.


Sygnum, a crypto banking group based in Switzerland, has raised $40M at a valuation of $900M.


Added Aerodrome Finance (AERO) and Velodrome Finance (VELO) to its assets listing roadmap.