24 Jan 202416:31
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Crypto Events Recap, January 23-24

Crypto Events Recap, January 23-24


The Solana Foundation released token extensions for the SPL token standard on the Solana network.


Mysten Labs, the developer of Sui blockchain, partnered with Alibaba Cloud to launch a series of new services.

Axie Infinity

Launched the beta version of Homeland land-based game allowing anyone to play it using NFT axies.


Disclosed the details of its whitepaper and token economy, introducing ULTC – the governance token of its ecosystem.


Announced the partnership with PECland. To celebrate the partnership Holdstation has launched airdrop for its users.


Announced the upcoming MeMusic token public sale through launchpads in the first week of February.


Rari Foundation launches its Layer 3 Rari Chain’s mainnet on Arbitrum with the aim to protect NFT royalties on the node level.


Entered the ETH restaking space via EigenLayer, changing its Ethereum liquid staking token called csETH into a liquid restaking token.


Launched a solution — named Oval — for DeFi protocols to capture value from oracle updates.

Mines of Dalarnia

Expands to become DAR Open Network that will utilize DAR as its main currency.


Unveiled plans to launch mainnet of its EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain platform in June 2024.


Partnered with asset manager Hashnote to introduce a tokenized real-world asset product on Cosmos.