23 Jan 202313:27
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Crypto Events Recap, January 21-23

Crypto Events Recap, January 21-23

BitcoinBTC continued its 2023 and rise over the $23,000 mark at one point. It shows roughly 37% growth this year while investors ignore various issues such as recent bankruptcy of Genesis Global. (source)

Vitalik ButerinProposed a system of “stealth addresses” to enhance transactional privacy on Ethereum. (source)

StellarBecame the newest member of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Global Market Advisory Committee (GMAC). (source)

Calimero NetworkRaised $8.5M to build private sharding infrastructure from Lyrik Ventures, Near foundation, and others. (source)

CirclePlans to launch cross-chain transfer protocol to foster more secure apps built on USDC. (source)

Mars ProtocolThe original Terra lending protocol to launch its independent Cosmos application chain on Jan. 31. (source)

The SandboxTo release a scene experience known as “Chongqing Underground City” inspired by “The Wandering Earth” novel. (source)

NYX Professional MakeupLaunches an online “incubator” in the form of a GORJS DAO and 1,000 “FKWME Pass” NFTs. (source)

TetherGot banned on Canada’s first 2 licensed digital currency exchanges. (source)