20 Jan 202314:59
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Crypto Events Recap, January 19-20

Crypto Events Recap, January 19-20

FantomReleased a decentralized funding system to finance new projects, dubbed the “ecosystem vault.” (source)

National Australia BankCreated a stablecoin called AUDN, which will be launched on Ethereum and backed by Australian fiat. (source)

Plai LabsRaised $32M in the seed funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. (source)

Stargate FinanceIntegrated with the Layer 2 Metis in its first blockchain expansion since it was launched. (source)

PrimexLaunched Beta 0.3.0 with two new blockchain deployments, multichain support, and a native faucet. (source)

Covalent NetworkMigrated from Nomad to Wormhole to enable the secure bridging of CQT to other networks. (source)

1inchPresented its own solution for cold crypto storage, the 1inch Hardware Wallet. (source)

InjectiveAnnounced the launch of Astroport on Injective after migrating from Terra chain. (source)

NexoAgreed to pay $45M to federal and state agencies after being charged by the SEC. (source)

Nil FoundationRaised $22M in a funding round at a $220M valuation led by Polychain Capital. (source)

OKXReleased its new Proof-of-Reserves report showing $7.5B in ‘Clean Assets’. (source)

MoonPayMade its first acquisition, scooping up creative studio Nightshift for an undisclosed amount. (source)