19 Jan 202415:48
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Crypto Events Recap, January 18-19

Crypto Events Recap, January 18-19


Introduced an “EVM-compatible” Bitcoin solution that will be used to interact with Bitcoin, allowing for asset interoperability.


Announced the upcoming SAVM for early testers and supporters. Details of the drop are to be unveiled soon.


Introduced Validator Staking on MetaMask Portfolio enabling users to run a validator node where the user is always in control.


Cosmos-based layer-1 chain and the inter-blockchain communication protocol has introduced DYM tokenomics.

Frax Finance

Plans to roll out its layer 2 blockchain, Fraxtal, in February, according to its CEO and founder Sam Kazemian.


Gitcoin-backed Public Goods Network, an Ethereum Layer 2, is winding down all operations within the next six months.

Cosmos Hub

Delphi Labs and Astroport Foundation have introduced the Asteroid protocol that enables inscriptions on Cosmos.


Acquired 8,888 Bitcoins for $380M and became the 11th-largest holder with a total of 66,465 Bitcoins.

Root Protocol

A digital identity service aiming to unify access to Web3 platforms, has raised $10 million across two seed rounds.

Donald Trump

Announced plans to inscribe his famous NFT cards into Bitcoin Ordinals and launch a new NFT collection.


Launched a tiered staking system for users to participate in INJ ecosystem IDOs. Staking period started today.

FORE Protocol

Unveiled FORE Predict app's new features and announced the release of a new roadmap next week.