12 Jan 202416:47
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Crypto events recap, January 11-12

Crypto events recap, January 11-12


The market for the newly approved spot bitcoin ETF has seen a robust first day of trading, with volumes on Thursday surpassing $4 Billion.


Released a mainnet upgrade named Volan. Central to the upgrade is integrating a software module focusing on real-world assets (RWA).


U.S. investment app announced that all 11 spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds are available for both retirement and brokerage accounts. 


The Cosmos-based, EVM-compatible Layer 1 Berachain has launched its public testnet ahead of the anticipated mainnet release in Q2 2024.

Ark Invest

Offloaded $4.4 Million worth of Coinbase shares and nearly $4.3 million worth of Robinhood shares on Thursday with both stocks dropping at market close.


An MEV arbitrage bot turned 703 SOL (about $70K) into 19,035 SOL (roughly $1.9 Million) using a back-running strategy targeting dogwifhat (WIF) trades.

Magic Square

The SQR trading has been started on Bybit. The SQR current price is $0.4717. SQR Market Capitalisation - $15,693,073. Fully Diluted Valuation - $472,974,769.


Allocated 30M $OP (~$125M) to contributors across 4 categories: OP stack, collective governance, developer ecosystem, and end-user experience and adoption.


Announced token sale on Coinlist on January 25th at 18:00 UTC. ZKL token price - $0.15. Vesting - 30% unlock on TGE. Fully Diluted Valuation - $150,000,000.


Confirmed its TGE on February 2024. The QORPO Game Studio is a blockchain gaming developer that is committed to democratizing esports.

Vitalik Buterin

Proposed increasing the block gas limit from 30 Million to 40 Million units (33%) to improve network capacity, during a Reddit AMA session.


Raised $6M in a funding round led by Lightspeed and Faction. Other investors included Pantera Capital, Aptos Foundation, Wintermute, Shima Capital, Kraken Ventures.