10 Feb 202312:51
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Crypto Events Recap, February 9-10

Crypto Events Recap, February 9-10

ChilizCelebrated its fifth anniversary with the launch of a new Layer-1 EVM Compatible blockchain. (source)

Tron DAOAnnounced the launch of the $100M Artificial Intelligence Development Fund. (source)

TetherReported a profit of $700M in the Q4 of 2022, which is added to its reserves. (source)

BloktopiaConducted the first-ever LIVE VR event in Bloktopia. (source)

KrakenReached a $30M settlement with SEC and ends on-chain staking services for U.S. clients. (source)

AaveGHO stablecoin went live on Ethereum's Goerli testnet. (source)

OptimismCompleted its Second Airdrop with 11.7M OP distributed (worth around $28.5M). (source)

FORE ProtocolReleased its Litepaper with FORE’s vision, core technology, NFT validation model, and more. (source)

MakerDAOIntegrated Chainlink into the framework that helps to maintain the stability of its DAI stablecoin. (source)

BinanceIntroduced zk-SNARKs to its Proof of Reserves Verification System. (source)

VoxiesVOXEL token has been listed on Coinbase Exchange on February 9th. (source)

BH NetworkPlans invest $1M in BHero Accelerator Program to help onboard new projects into the MultiverseX. (source)