07 Feb 202416:52
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Crypto Events Recap, February 6-7

Crypto Events Recap, February 6-7


Dencun update went live on Holesky testnet. Next up, mainnet Ethereum, with a date to be announced soon.


MultiversX (EGLD) blockchain data is now embedded in global internet data streams via Google BigQuery.


Announced a five-year agreement valued at $250M with the Saudi Ministry of Investment and launched the DeepTech Venture Studio.


Helix, a major DEX on Injective, launches the Yen (JPY) forex pair, making it one of the first to introduce the Yen onto the blockchain.


Introduced the details about its SHM airdrop. 5% of the total supply will be allocated to the network's users and contributors.

BeFi Labs

Teams up with Friend3, a social dApp that enables customizable pay-per-group communities, to onboard creator economy users.


Announced upcoming BRCST IDO on the GameFi platform. BRCStarter is one of the first BRC-20-focused launchpads.

Pyth Network

Unveiled the second phase of its retrospective token airdrop program for 167 dApps that have used their oracle network.


Partnered with GoDaddy to link domain names to blockchain-based ENS names.


ID token has been listed on Upbit. The ID price has increased by more than 80% in 24 hours.


Acquired an additional 850 BTC in January for $37.2 million and now holds 190,000 BTC.


Hinted the major announcement on February 15th and opened a whitelist for all users.