06 Feb 202315:12
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Crypto Events Recap, February 4-6

Crypto Events Recap, February 4-6

VisaTesting a settlement system for large USDC payments on Ethereum. (source)

Lightning NetworkReached an ATH in terms of capacity or the amount of bitcoin locked in payment channels (5,490 BTC). (source)

AnthropicGoogle Cloud reportedly invested $300 million into artificial intelligence (AI) startup firm Anthropic. (source)

HuobiListed FUD, the token of FTX Users' Debt on Tron. (source)

StarkWareTo open-source the prover technology, a crucial component of StarkNet Layer 2 solution. (source)

ClearpoolReleased the Roadmap goals for 2023 with a new website to be released in February. (source)

BinanceLaunched Binance Tax in a pilot phase in France and Canada before extending to other markets. (source)

BSC StationCryptoDiffer joined hands with BSC Station to airdrop 20,000 BSCS to the community. (source)

OpenSeaLaunched a "3-hour hold period" mechanism to reduce the risk of NFT theft. (source)

FTXFTX debtors want political donations returned by end of the month. (source)