27 Feb 202313:18
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Crypto Events Recap, February 25-27

Crypto Events Recap, February 25-27

Huawei CloudLaunched the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance to foster blockchain adoption in Asian Region. (source)

MonkeyLeagueLaunching the first-ever MonkeyAthlete NFTs featuring Paulo Dybala. (source)

SolanaThe network is back online after it went down on February 25. (source)

Alchemy PayPartnered with a local fintech in Indonesia to offer low-cost remittances for crypto users. (source)

JPMorganAnnounced plans to open a new blockchain innovation lab in Greece. (source)

Lotte GroupTo expand its NFT business onto the global market through a partnership with Polygon. (source)

Trust WalletLaunched Ledger hardware support for the Trust Wallet Extension. (source)

AlchemyLaunched Dapp Builder to help bring more people into decentralized technologies. (source)

BounceTo provide auction infrastructure to the Base network incubated by Coinbase. (source)

LaunchZoneClaims an exploit led to $700,000 of funds being drained from its liquidity pool. (source)