24 Feb 202313:07
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Crypto Events Recap, February 23-24

Crypto Events Recap, February 23-24

UniswapNow allows users to buy NFTs using any ERC-20 token. (source)

BloctoClosed a Series A round at a valuation of $80M led by Mark Cuban and 500 Global. (source)

AudiusAdded support for the popular social media platform TikTok. (source)

SpotifyStarted rolling out a function to access music via NFTs. (source)

Tencent CloudAnnounced its plans to move forward the global Web3 ecosystem development. (source)

BinanceLaunched the Airdrop Portal, which provides an overview of airdrops supported by Binance. (source)

TownsRaised $25.5M in a Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). (source)

SECObjects to Binance.US’ $1B Voyager deal, alleging the sale of unregistered securities. (source)

Bware LabsLaunched a new Ambassador Program to the most engaged and involved members. (source)

BeldexRaised $25M through the new partnership with investment firm DWF Labs. (source)

SwingBecame Meta Sponsor for ETH Denver 2023 and hosting a $10,000 development bounty program. (source)

Kratos StudiosRaised $20M in the seed round at a valuation of $150M and acquired IndiGG DAO. (source)

Trace Network LabsLaunched open minting for Polygon Wearable NFTs. (source)

ShopNEXTReleased the mobile app V2.0.1 with major updates. (source)