03 Feb 202313:32
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Crypto Events Recap, February 2-3

Crypto Events Recap, February 2-3

OptimismAnnounced that it will release its first major upgrade, Bedrock, on March 16th. (source)

SilvergateFaces fraud probe by US prosecutors in the Justice Department over FTX and Alameda dealings. (source)

StargateTo reissue STG tokens on March 15th, following the Alameda wallet hack. (source)

BonqDAOHas been exploited for around $88M due to an exploit in one of the smart contracts. (source)

Membrane FinanceThe Finnish company has released a fully-reserved stablecoin backed by the euro. (source)

BittrexForced to lay off over 80 employees after paying $29M in fines to the U.S. Treasury Department in October. (source)

BinanceReturns to South Korea’s through the stake acquisition in the GOPAX exchange. (source)

ChainalysisThe company that specializes in tracking crypto transactions made layoffs affecting less than 5% of staff. (source)

Orion ProtocolLost $3M of crypto in trading pool exploit. A wallet identified as the attacker’s passing tokens Tornado Cash. (source)

Trace Network LabsAnnounced the pre-launch of the Madame MetaStore (the 1st Luxury Womenswear Indian Brand to launch virtual store). (source)