17 Feb 202311:46
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Crypto Events Recap, February 16-17

Crypto Events Recap, February 16-17

Router ProtocolUnveiled its own Layer-1 blockchain that is using Tendermint Consensus. (source)

BNB ChainReleased Tech Roadmap for 2023. (source)

SuperplasticClosed its $20M Series A-4 funding round led by Amazon Alexa Fund. (source)

OKXUnveiled plans to launch a new Blockchain OKBChain in Q1 2023. (source)

The SandboxPartnered with TOEI Animation, creators of “Dragon Ball,” “Sailormoon,” and “One Piece”. (source)

MahaDAOAnnounced the launch of an experimental NFT Collection - The People Of Eden. (source)

zkSyncAnnounced "Fair Onboarding Alpha" stage allowing builders to join the network. (source)

Yield Guild GamesClosed a $13.8M token sale round backed by a16z and DWF Labs. (source)

Bank of JapanAnnounced plans to launch a digital yen pilot program in April. (source)

NFTradePartnered with Bitkeep Wallet to offer seamless and secure storage of digital assets. (source)

AlongsideRaised $11M in seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. (source)

GQ MagazineAnnounced plans to launch its first NFT collection linked to real-world rewards. (source)