12 Feb 202417:45
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Crypto Events Recap, February 10-12

Crypto Events Recap, February 10-12


Announced an integration with OKX Web3 Wallet into Zero Gravity enabling users to use their wallets to earn ZERO points.


Announced its expansion into Argentina as part of its ongoing strategy to target the Latin American market.

FORE Protocol

Integrating OpenOcean MultiChain API V3 to enable users on different networks to participate in cross-chain markets.


Activated upgrade, called Oxford 2, that introduces private smart rollups as a new security feature for developers.


Released a devs update about the NFT Bonds, Module X second round, both tokens utilities and Autonomous Earning.

Sora Ventures

Launched a $2 million liquid fund focused on projects building within the TTP ecosystem (Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem).


Announced the launch of the world’s first multichain ERC404 Indexer with API.


Launches the free NFT mint on February 16. The details of the mint to be unveiled soon.