08 Dec 202314:05
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Crypto Events Recap, December 7-8

Crypto Events Recap, December 7-8


Introduced the details of its NAM governance token and RPGF drop. 6.5% of total supply (65M NAM tokens) to be allocated to over 200k researchers, developers, voters and stakers. Previously, Anoma Foundation has raised $57.75M in several funding rounds.

Bware Labs

Received a development grant from the Starknet Foundation for extending support for the network within Blast, the company’s flagship product. Blast is a decentralized blockchain API platform designed to solve Web3 access challenges related to reliability, latency, and centralization.


Launched Galxe campaign for Early Adopters rewarding its participants with exclusive rewards and first mover advantage.


Former Binance chief Changpeng Zhao has to remain in the continental United States ahead of his sentencing, judge orders.


The Starknet Foundation plans to distribute 1.8 billion tokens as user rewards and rebates, with precise details still under development.


Plans to add 6 new LSTs for staking and expand existing pools from 100k to 200k $ETH on December 18th, 18:00 UTC.


Blockchain which uses the USDC stablecoin as its default payment coin has launched its testnet that focuses on “generalized abstraction”.


Deloitte plans to use the Polkadot-based Kilt blockchain to offer logistics and supply-chain services focused on the shipping industry.


Partnered with Immutable and Polygon Labs for multichain expansion and product development.


Sotheby’s to auction first Bitcoin Ordinals collection, featuring Bitcoin Shrooms.