06 Dec 202314:49
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Crypto Events Recap, December 5-6

Crypto Events Recap, December 5-6


Rolled out Rollup-as-a-Service support for zkSync Hyperchains built using the ZK Stack, in collaboration with Matter Labs.

AIOZ Network

Introduced updated tokenomics of AIOZ. From December 25th onwards, inflation of AIOZ will be decreased by 1% each year, for a total of 4 years.

Pyth Network

Announced the successful completion of strategic fundraise from Multicoin Capital, Wintermute Ventures, Borderless Capital and others.


Partnered with PowerTrade, an innovative crypto options platform, to explore the integration of new products.


Introduced the details of its JTO airdrop. Users with JitoSOL points will receive (80M JTO), Validators (15M JTO) and MEV searchers (5M JTO).

Société Générale

Set to launch its stablecoin on a cryptocurrency exchange, becoming the first big bank to staclecoins.


Announced the launch of a nationwide plan in the U.S. with unlimited data, text and talk that costs just $20 a month.


Worldcoin Foundation has launched a new grants $5M program for developers while outlining plans to decentralize the network.


RJV token has been listed on the Bitrue exchange under the RJV/USDT trading pair.


Acquired a 25% stake in Confio, the software company known for developing CosmWasm.


Announced a $500,000 airdrop to Binance Web3 Wallet users ranging from 1 SHIB to 1 BTC.

Merit Circle

Formed a strategic collaboration with industry-leading investor Pantera Capital.