27 Dec 202315:51
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Crypto Events Recap, December 26-27

Crypto Events Recap, December 26-27


Achieved a TVL of over $1B, with more than 85k cumulative users. The protocol allows users to bridge and earn yield (4% for $ETH and 5% for stables).

Astar Network

Announced the launch of Astar's zkEVM mainnet in early 2024 using Polygon CDK Rollup-as-a-Service.


Conducted the second CAKE token burn in December and destroyed 10,166,225 CAKE tokens (valued at $34M).

Mt. Gox

Appears to be starting to repay customers who lost 850,000 bitcoin (BTC) now valued at around $36 billion.


The first native AMM DEX on Injective went live on Mainnet enabling users to swap assets, LP and earn points.


Suffered a $1.2M exploit related to wallet implementation on Polygon according to messages on Telcoin's community.


IOTA Network’s ShimmerEVM added LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging technology to allow users to interact and transact across several networks.


Announced the addition of 10 new USDC trading pairs for ADA, ARB, AVAX, DOT, INJ, MATIC, OP, ORDI, SOL, XRP.


Acquired 14,620 BTC for around $615.7 million at an average price of $42,110 per bitcoin.

Sleepless AI

Announced its first NFT Sale that will take place on NFPrompt on December 31st.


Introduced its new Clearpool Prime user - Fasanara Digital, a 200-people London-based hedge fund.


OSMO token has been listed on Bithumb under OSMO/KRW trading pair.