20 Dec 202316:16
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Crypto Events Recap, December 18-20

Crypto Events Recap, December 18-20

Overlay Protocol

Announced its IDO on Polkastarter. Participants must hold at least 250 POLS power to qualify for the IDO. The allowlist is now live.


Launched its Web3 gaming “Passport,” which allows players to use identities and assets across multiple platforms.


Announced fundraise led by Electric Capital and confirmed FRAME airdrop available for NFT trade in the last 2 years.


Will make changes to its signing processes after a $600,000 exploit. Users will switch to

Clear Signing by June 2024.


Layer 3 Foundation announced the Testnet of its P2P Yellow Clearing Network for Counterparty Risk Mitigation.


EigenLayer’s total deposits exceeded $900M after increased LST caps. Revised caps led to a surge in inflows to 410,000 Ether.

Tres Finance

The crypto taxation startup raised $11M in Series A funding with support from Faction, New Form, Cyber Fund, and others.


Fixed a vulnerability in its iOS app and urged users to update it. The bug affected a third-party application service provider.


Registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Ireland that allows to work with digital asset services in the EU Economic Area under MiCA regulation.

Gods Unchained

Returns to Epic Games Store after play-to-earn policy change. Recently, ESRB gave it a restrictive rating over play-to-earn elements.

China Government

The industrial ministry announced its plans to formulate strategy documents to boost NFT and decentralized app development.