18 Dec 202315:24
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Crypto Events Recap, December 16-18

Crypto Events Recap, December 16-18


Unveiled upcoming IDO on December 20th with updated tiers system and minimum amount of POLS for participation.


MilkyWay released the first liquid staking protocol for the Celestia network. MilkyWay deployed smart contracts on Osmosis.


Launched its Mainnet with the added benefits of embedded Web3 technology based on Optimism (OP) Stack.


The MetisDAO Foundation has created a roughly $100M fund (Metis EDF) to accelerate the growth of its ecosystem.

Tap Protocol

The Bitcoin Ordinals-based development platform, raised $4.2 Million in a funding round 

led by Sora Ventures.


Published letters to the US Senate outlining its commitment to security and law through FBI onboarding on the company's platform.


Unveiled Bullieverse Mystery Box Free Mint launching on Magic Eden Launchpad on Polygon on December 20th.


Announced launch of the brand new website that will combine all services, making it easy to deploy and utilize W3aaS products.