14 Dec 202212:52
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Crypto Events Recap, December 13-14

Crypto Events Recap, December 13-14

WhiteBITBecame the official cryptocurrency exchange partner of Barcelona FC for three seasons. (source)

ApplePlans to allow the installation of iOS apps from external sources due to impending EU regulations. (source)


Introduced Pay, which allows users to send, request, and receive crypto with instant settlement and zero fees. (source)

TetherAnnounced plans to reduce Secured Loans to zero in 2023. (source)

Alameda ResearchHad a secret speed advantage when executing orders on now-collapsed FTX. (source)

SECSues Atlas Trading for $100M stock manipulation scheme. (source)

StadioPlusLaunched LaLigaLand Season Pass whitelist sale with a 50% discount. (source)

Ava LabsAnnounced the release of a mobile version of its Core wallet. (source)

LedgerIntegrated a new DeFi tracking feature to monitor performance analytics of over 1,000 protocols. (source)

CFTCPlanning to sue FTX Co-Founder Sam Bankman-Fried for fraud. (source)