13 Dec 202316:08
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Crypto Events Recap, December 12-13

Crypto Events Recap, December 12-13


Rolling out spot crypto trading on its international exchange as part of a global expansion. Investors can start trade Bitcoin and Ether against the USDC from Thursday on the international platform.

SSV Network

Ethereum staking infrastructure provider, has released its permissionless mainnet, becoming the first project to achieve this milestone using "distributed validator technology".


The decentralized exchange aggregator from OKX appears to have suffered a $2.7 Million exploit following a deprecated smart contract private key leak, according to SlowMist.


Crypto exchange will exit the New York market and pay $22 Million. The settlement will see KuCoin pay $5.3 Million to the state and $16.7 million worth of refund to 177,800 New York investors.


World’s first Bitcoin Bonds receive regulatory approval in El Salvador. The bonds are expected to launch in Q1 of 2024 and are set to be offered on Bitfinex Securities.


Regulated DeFi platform has launched “Open dOTC” - an alternative permissionless platform for trading tokenized RWA, following MiCA EU clarity.


Unveiled integration of its data availability layer with Polygon Labs’ chain development kit, an open-source codebase used for developing Layer 2 chains.


Revolutionary institutional-grade credit marketplace Clearpool Prime, goes live on OP Mainnet. The first loan on has been initiated by Portofino Technologies.


Passed governance proposal SIP-2043 to end SNX token inflation. The new SNX strategy includes token buybacks and burns, and will be adopted soon.

Immutable X

Immutable deploys Transak’s functionality into zkEVM gaming development infrastructure, powering in-game cryptocurrency and fiat payment methods.


Rolled out a points-based program to reward current users and attract new ones. Additional points are offered to MetaMask users who used swaps in the last year. 

NYM, Protocol Labs, Filecoin, Oasis, and Aztec

Privacy-focused Web3 projects - including Nym, Protocol Labs, Filecoin, Oasis and Aztec have formed the “Universal Privacy Alliance” backed by $150K fund.


Adds integrations with Minecraft, Reddit, Telegram, Shopify, and Mercado Libre and expands the offer of eye-scanning verification services to Mexico and Singapore.

WOO Network

WOO X collaborated with Wintermute to increase and diversify crypto liquidity on the exchange with a focus on perpetual swaps and DeFi.


Unlocked nearly 25 Million APT, worth over $200M. $96.4M for core contributors. $68.4M for investors, $26.1M for community, and $10.8M for Aptos Foundation.

BNB Chain

Released BNB Greenfield technology roadmap, including high performance, simplified development experiences, and a multichain platform.