02 Dec 202213:53
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Crypto Events Recap, December 1-2

Crypto Events Recap, December 1-2

TelegramPlans to build a crypto infrastructure, which includes wallets and DEX. (source)

Starfish FinanceAnnounced the launch of its own DEX with Swap, LP and Farms features enabled. (source)

CoinbaseApple disabled the latest version of Coinbase Wallet as it wants to take 30% of gas fees for NFT transactions. (source)

Trader JoeGoes multichain by launching on the Ethereum scaling platform Arbitrum. (source)

Nakamoto Games Announced that it will release 78 new games before the end of the year. (source)

Binance LabsMade a $4.5M strategic investment in Ambit Finance to boost DeFi on BNB Chain. (source)

InjectiveInitiated the largest token burn yet, burning 5 million INJ forever (~$8.3M). (source)

HOFA DAOLaunched DAO Pass sale on Binance NFT. The DAO is governed by its Members Pass, providing voting rights and monthly rewards. (source)

FleekRaised $25M in a Series A funding round led by Polychain Capital. (source)

MoonPayTo roll out a loyalty program called ‘Web3 Passport’ early next year. (source)

UniLendUFT is now listed on Binance Gift Card. Users can now send UFT in a simple and fast way at zero fees. (source)

Magic EdenTo roll out code enforcing NFT royalties and allowing 'gamification' of collections. (source)