10 Aug 202212:15
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Crypto Events Recap, August 9-10

Crypto Events Recap, August 9-10

Tornado CashThe US Treasury has sanctioned the crypto mixing service Tornado Cash. (source)

AnkrAnnounced the launch of ANKR token staking to full nodes for the first time ever on Aug 11. (source)

Curve FinanceThe site’s front-end exploitation resulted in the theft of over $573K. (source)

beFITTERAnnounced the launch of HEE Token Burning Trail in August. (source)

xHashtag Announced the launch of SoulSwags, non-transferable Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) on August 16. (source)

ItheumAnnounced the launch of the “Road to Data Ownership” Bounty Program. (source)

CreatorDAORaises $20M from investors including a16z, Paris Hilton, and The Chainsmokers. (source)

CoinbaseReported $1.1B loss in Q2 cited a downturn in the crypto markets as the reason behind it. (source)

Unstoppable FinanceRaised €12.5 million in a Series A round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. (source)

Blast (Bware Labs)Announced that Blast API’s incentivized testnet Houston is ready to launch. (source)

1inchIntegrated its aggregation and limit order protocols to the Klaytn blockchain mainnet. (source)

Unique Venture ClubsPassed Zokyo’s comprehensive security audit with a score of 97. (source)

MessariAnnounced plans to raise funds at a $300M valuation after the recent acquisition of Dove Metrics, which tracks fundraising and M&A activity in the crypto sector. (source)

KuCoinLaunched ETH Merge Round 2 Gold Rush Event. (source)

GhostmarketGM token got listed on Trader Joe and launched multichain staking on multiple DEX. (source)