07 Aug 202313:27
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Crypto Events Recap, August 5-7

Crypto Events Recap, August 5-7


Hacker started to return the stolen funds after accepting a bug bounty of almost $7 million. Though the exploiter of Curve Finance returned some stolen funds, the DeFi project is offering a public bounty for information about their identity that could lead to a conviction — unless the hacker returns the funds in full.


Increased the yield on DAI from 3% to 8%, positioning it as one of the highest rates currently provided by stablecoin issuers. 


Released an official bridge to move tokens between the Base network and Ethereum and saw more than $100M in value bridged.


Introduced Tether BTC mining software’s with the primary aim to enhance the efficient management of mining capacity.


Sushi DEX went live on Base, the Ethereum L2 designed for accessibility, security, and scalability, incubated by Coinbase.


The exchange saw net outflows of more than $73M in the last seven days when some of its executives were reportedly taken in by police.

Digital Currency Group

Facing another probe into its financial dealings with subsidiary Genesis Global — this time by New York state’s top law enforcement officer

Elon Musk

After a major rebranding of Twitter to X, Elon Musk has now rebranded the popular Twitter Blue subscription services to X Premium.


An unknown person, identified by ENS name nd4.eth, sent 2,500 ether ($4.5M) to a burn address. This act effectively destroyed the coins for no specific reason.