01 Sep 202312:21
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Crypto Events Recap, August 31 - September 1

Crypto Events Recap, August 31 - September 1


Newly launched DEX by Velodrome, obtained the highest TVL on Base blockchain, surpassing $200 million.


Swift and Chainlink have successfully transferred tokenized value across multiple blockchains in recent experiments.

Nakamoto Games

Released Nakamoto Games API offering users the opportunity to integrate Nakamoto Games seamlessly into their digital platforms


Formed a partnership with Alchemy Pay to have its native token CYBER listed on Alchemy Pay’s fiat On-Ramp.


Partnered with Argent to launch venture studio Hito Studios that will help builders with hiring, engineering, legal and growth


Introduced an enhanced revenue model designed to bolster the protocol’s unit economics and augment the CPOOL intrinsic utility.


Binance Pool launched Ordinals Inscription Service making it easier to inscribe additional data directly onto satoshis


Introduced technical implementation called Arbitrum Stylus to support smart contract development in multiple languages.

HashKey Capital

The investment arm of HashKey Group launched a secondary market crypto fund that’s set to invest heavily in altcoins.

PayPal USD

Coinbase has added support for PayPal USD (PYUSD) on the Ethereum network and listed it on August 31.


Rolled out Incentivized Beta of Racer 1, its multiplayer card racing game, with MXM token rewards.

Akash Network

Added Nvidia GPUs to its decentralized compute marketplace as part of mainnet 6 upgrade.