26 Aug 202212:50
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Crypto Events Recap, August 25-26

Crypto Events Recap, August 25-26

ParibusPBX token can now be bridged to Arbitrum, Milkomeda, and Polygon via a partnership with Multichain. (source)

Boson ProtocolAnnounced the launch of v2 of Boson Protocol on Polygon in Q4. (source)

RedditAirdropped free Polygon NFT Avatars to some of its hardcore users. (source)

ClearpoolConducted buyback and burn of 1,633,436.31 CPOOL tokens worth approximately $95,638. (source)

Thirdweb Raised $24M in funding led by Haun Ventures with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Shopify, and others. (source)

Lithium FinancePartnered with Cyan to optimize NFT pricing intelligence, allowing borrowers to access a third-party, independent valuation. (source)

KrakenListed ALPHA, BLZ, BOBA, CELR, NODL, POLS, POND, TRU, and XCN on August 26. (source)

Symbolic CapitalRaised $50M for its VC fund from crypto exchanges, protocols, auditing firms, and family offices. (source)

ElrondEGLD token becomes available to 20M+ users in 30+ countries via a partnership with Revolut. (source)

CoinDCX Launched Okto, a DeFi mobile app, aimed at easing the transition of crypto consumers to DeFi. (source)

SpectralRaised $23M in a funding round led by General Catalyst and Social Capital. (source)

CoinbaseLaunched a voter registration tool to give community tools to participate in policy discussions across the US. (source)