24 Aug 202212:45
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Crypto Events Recap, August 23-24

Crypto Events Recap, August 23-24

SamsungPlans to launch the crypto exchange in South Korea in 2023 jointly with Mirae Asset and Shinhan Financial. (source)

TelegramMay launch a new NFT-based Marketplace for trading usernames. (source)

Blockchain.comCollaborates with NFL Player Dak Prescott and makes him the brand ambassador. (source)

Ready Player MeRaised $56M in the Series B investment round led by a16z GAMES FUND ONE and a16z crypto. (source)

Uniswap Uniswap community establishes Foundation to support open-source development. (source)

Planet SandboxAnnounced Planet Sandbox Mainnet launch on September 5th. (source)

NuNetLaunched NuNet Earndrop Program for users to earn NTX by participating in the development of NuNet. (source)

ChingariLaunched Creator Cuts video NFT marketplace where creators will be able to tokenize their content. (source)

BullieverseLaunched its NFT Marketplace where users can buy, trade, and sell assets using the BULL token. (source)

Bloktopia Creo Engine joined metaverse with Bloktopia and released a virtual HQ, soon to be launched. (source)

SentreLaunched Sen Store - The DApp Store for All Things Solana with over 20 DApps available. (source)

Impossible FinanceReleased Impossible Data Room with access to all the information users need in one place. (source)