23 Aug 202314:28
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Crypto Events Recap, August 22-23

Crypto Events Recap, August 22-23

Risc Zero

Released Zeth, an open-source prover technology, designed to help develop ZK rollup Layer 2 solutions.


Reported a "critical vulnerability" affecting some V2 pools. Balancer mitigated 80% of the threat but noted that the 4% of TVL is still at risk.

Maple Finance

Raised $5M in strategic funding co-led by BlockTower and Tioga Capital to expand across Latin America and the Asia-Pacific


Burned 1.2B USDT tokens on Tron, accrued in the treasury wallet, as part of past period chain swaps and redemptions.


Increased the cap for LST (liquid staking tokens) restaking, allowing users to deposit stETH, rETH, or cbETH to the protocol.

Delphinus Lab

An infrastructure provider implementing pen-source zkWASM virtual machine received investment from Binance Labs.


Binance Futures gradually launches copy trading feature. The full launch will take place in mid-September.


Staked 40,000 ETH on staking protocol Lido after it passed a governance vote on treasury management.

Monster Galaxy

Announced the launch of Buy/Sell function for its native GGM currency on the website.


Miner maker to compensate its customers $1.89 per 1 terahash if BTC falls more than 20%.


Launched FRIEND index futures on Friend.tech marketcap enabling users to long or short it.

Orion Protocol

Partnered with DeRace to enable DERC trading directly on the Orion Protocol platform.