22 Aug 202214:13
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Crypto Events Recap, August 20-22

Crypto Events Recap, August 20-22

FTXReported $1.02B revenue in 2021 which jumped by more than 1,000% from $89M in the previous year. (source)

RoninRonin hackers transferred stolen funds from ETH to BTC and used sanctioned mixers. (source)

UniswapBlocked 253 crypto addresses that were apparently linked to sanctioned privacy tool Tornado Cash or to stolen funds. (source)

LyraLaunched platform allowing users to spend crypto in any online merchant like Netflix, DoorDash, Airbnb, and others. (source)

Invesco Launched Metaverse Fund that will focus on areas including metaverse hardware and the digitization of the real economy. (source)

UpOnlyAnnounced a partnership with SharkRace, a next-gen racing game with customizable NFTs and gaming Metaverse. (source)

Waggle NetworkFormed a strategic partnership with Unique Venture Clubs to launch a cross-marketing campaign and support each other. (source)

Yuga LabsReleased the intellectual property (IP) rights tied to the Cryptopunks and Meebits NFTs. (source)

FanAnywhereAnnounced that it has received the Alchemy Web3 Developer Platform's WAGBI grant. (source)

StepWatch Has been initially listed on KuCoin under STEPWATCH/USDT trading pair. (source)