03 Aug 202213:33
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Crypto Events Recap, August 2-3

Crypto Events Recap, August 2-3

NomadCross-chain token bridge was exploited, with attackers draining the protocol of nearly $200M. (source)

ScallopOpens Dubai HQ after provisional regulatory approval by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority. (source)

Phantom, Slope, and Trust WalletHas been exposed to a massive hack leading to the theft of $5M worth of $SOL, $USDC, and other Solana-based tokens. (source)

Hashed Confirmed losing more than $3B in LUNA/UST crash. (source)

Socios Invested $100M in Barça Studios to acquire a 24.5% stake in the Club’s digital content creation and distribution hub. (source)

MessariBought the assets and business of Dove Metrics, which offers fundraising data and intelligence for the cryptocurrency industry. (source)

Shiba Inu Revealed the name of the new game Shiba Eternity. The game will be available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. (source)

Magic Eden Expanding to Ethereum to offer the same go-to-market benefits for Ethereum NFT creators as it does for its Solana users. (source)

Reaper FarmSuffered an exploit. Exploiters have transferred ~1.6M DAI and 62 ETH into TornadoCash. (source)

CoinbaseListed SuperRare (RARE) and TE-Food (TONE) under RARE-USD, RARE-USDT, TONE-USD, and TONE-USDT trading pairs. (source)

Microstrategy Michael Saylor to step down as CEO of Microstrategy and become Executive Chairman focusing on innovation and long-term corporate strategy. (source)

GucciAnnounced that selected boutiques in the US now accept ApeCoin (APE) payments via Bitpay. (source)

MarqVision Raised $20M in its Series A investment round with the participation of Softbank Ventures, Y-Combinator, and others. (source)

Robinhood's crypto divisionHas been fined $30M for allegedly failing to comply with anti-money laundering and cybersecurity regulations. (source)

Coinbase InstitutionalAnnounced the addition of ETH to its growing list of options for U.S. domestic institutional clients. (source)

Huobi Received the regulatory greenlight to offer its services in Australia with a focus on providing OTC services. (source)

Glitter Finance Mainnet bridging Algorand to the Solana, Polygon, and CUDOS networks has been launched. (source)

Rangers ProtocolPartnered with UniPass to lower the usage threshold for vast dApp users on the Rangers Protocol network. (source)