19 Aug 202213:13
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Crypto Events Recap, August 18-19

Crypto Events Recap, August 18-19

Dapper LabsLaunched NFL ALL DAY, the exclusive digital video highlight NFT platform, jointly with NFL and NFLPA. (source)

Stargate FinanceHas been listed on Binance under STG/BTC, STG/BUSD, and STG/USDT trading pairs. (source)

Starfish FinanceFormed a strategic partnership with Celer Network to integrate Celer Network’s cBridge and Celer IM enabling users to bridge their crypto assets seamlessly. (source)

WhitepayIntroduced cryptocurrency payments for the products offered by major Ukrainian tech stores. (source)

STEPN Atlético Madrid and WhaleFin joined forces with STEPN to launch the first Genesis NFT sneakers collection. (source)

Shima CapitalRaised $200M for its first venture capital fund to support early-stage Web3 startups. (source)

TryHardsLaunched Public Alpha of its game. Users can now download Tryhards.io now and play it for free. (source)

TesseraClosed a $20M Series A funding round led by Paradigm. Other investors include Focus Labs, Uniswap Labs Ventures, and more. (source)

Koibanx A Latin American asset tokenization company has closed its $22M Series A funding round led by Algorand. (source)

Kattana Developed a unique tech solution for TRON DAO and won Grand Hackathon 2022. (source)

UniCryptStarted providing its services on Dogechain via the newly launched AMM DEX Yodeswap. (source)

Gnosis SafeAnnounced plans to airdrop 50M SAFE tokens to over 45,000 eligible Ethereum addresses. (source)

LFWAdded support for OKX Chain to its low-cost but high-performance DEX. (source)

Nakamoto GamesAnnounced Tank Battle FFA Death Match Tournament on August 22-25 with $2,250 and 60,000 UPO prize pool. (source)