10 Apr 202313:30
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Crypto Events Recap, April 8-10

Crypto Events Recap, April 8-10

BitgetLaunched a $100M Web3 Fund to support crypto projects in Asia. (source)

SushiSwapFallen victim to an exploit, which led to the loss of more than $3.3M. (source)

CoinbaseAnnounced plans to integrate the Bitcoin Lighting Network. (source)

PolygonBecame second largest gaming blockchain after user activity surges in March. (source)

BinancePartnered with the video streaming service Showmax to deepen crypto adoption in Africa. (source)

dYdXAnnounced that it is winding down all services in Canada. (source)

GdacSouth Korean crypto exchange hacked for nearly $13M. (source)

ArbitrumThe community proposed returning 700 million ARB to the DAO treasury. (source)

Terraport FinanceHacked for about $2M following the breach in the Terraport Liquidity wallet. (source)

LABEL FoundationSecured a $1M investment from DWF Labs. (source)